CT Classes
a Creative & Tech Innovation Centre
Where Creativity & Technology meets
CT Classes is an initiative of CollegeTips to enhance student's creative and tech skills, where Students will learn intensively and implement their knowledge independently, in a productive way.

In CollegeTips Innovation centre students will learn skills like content creation, camera handling, photo / video editing, content / blog writing, internet trends, Google analytics along with advance social media marketing.

Open for All Students Any Stream / Any Year

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First of its Kind in India
Colorful & Stylish Classes
All of us know that colors can change our mood, reduce stress, create excitement, and sometimes have a soothing effect on tired mind.
Happening Community
You will stop snoring after joining us because nothing is ordinary here. In CollegeTips Community you will get involved in fun activities which gives you a space for creating something great.
Best Trainers
Your trainers will be your buddies during this workshop. We will be your problemsolver and your true friend till the end.
Certificate & Rewards
Be a superman at CollegeTips define yourself through your workshop and get certificate based on your performance as we respect your talent.
SuperFun Experience
Now in your City
After successfully trained and influenced the lives of more than 25 lac students from 4000+ colleges in 1200+ cities. CollegeTips brings Super-Fun and exciting creative session now in your beautiful city.
Course Insight
Things you will learn
Content Creation
Content Writing
Social Media Strategy
Photo & Video Editing
Content Marketing
Internet Trends
Google analytics
Why this Program is soo
Popular and Unique
  •   No online classes
  •   No recorded lectures
  •   No theory, Only practical learning
  •   Go-to-Go Course
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Other Benifits / Priorities in
Open Mic
& Many More


a last
How much do you have to pay for this ?
Not much...

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