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Let's channelize the power of youth for the betterment of upcoming INDIA
a initiative
In this campaign, we are going to create an awareness among youth to get vaccinated for prevention from Corona Virus.

This effort from young will make a change and the change will bring by CollegeTips By providing oxygen to needy ones for free.

CollegeTips is going to make this initiative possible in many ways providing oxygen through oxygen concentrators & cylinders, reaching out to NGOs & different platforms.

As the country grapples with an oxygen crisis amid the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, startups in India have stepped up to help in procurement efforts. We are a startup ourself so we want to help other startup campaigns that are already providing oxygen to needful people. Organisations like Act Grants/Cred/Milaap/Paytm and many others are providing oxygen to the NGOs, so we are directly sending the virtual money, Indian currency and resources to provide the maximum support from our end.

Our main focus is to make people aware of vaccinations as soon as possible. On the other hand we are helping other startups to provide oxygen in less time do the needful people.
Donate Oxygen
You have to register yourself for vaccination on
Take a screenshot of registration.
Send it to Us on
CollegeTips will donate 10 liters of oxygen on your behalf.
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We want to channelize the power of students for the betterment of upcoming INDIA. If you want to do something which help our country to grow then register yourself now!

Donate Oxygen
CollegeTips will donate 10 liters of oxygen on your behalf (on each registration). If you register yourself for vaccination.
a initiative

Q. If we will register for this campaign so can we get the oxygen directly from ? Ans: We are not providing oxygen to the people directly because we don't have that much man power so we are donating our resources to other startups who are helping with oxygen needs cause they have got the man power and infrastructure to carry things on larger scale.

Q. Will CollegeTips provide us the details where they donate ? Ans: We are donating our resources to organisations like CRED, a fintech company, is also attempting to assist with oxygen supplies, partnering with healthcare crowdfunding platform Milaap to acquire and distribute oxygen concentrators across the world. Also the ACT Grants have focused on immediately tackling shortages of oxygen supply on a war footing. There goal is to support deployment of 50,000+ oxygen concentrators across India. Paytm who has launched a fundraising drive to combat the oxygen shortage in India caused by the second wave of the coronavirus.
These are the organisation to whom we are donating our money and till now with the help of our donation more than 50,000 liters Oxygen have been given.